A 1-4 player splitscreen PC game about Cars, Guns, and Time Travel

Remember the good ol’ days when you and some friends could sit on the same couch and play splitscreen and have some laughs?

As PC users we’ve always dealt with a serious lack of splitscreen titles, not to mention the decline of offline multiplayer in general, so we set out to create our own. Cars with Guns is the result.

Travel back in time with your friends in exotic vehicles decked out with guns, missiles, cannons, and more.

Explore various time periods and discover blueprints for new weaponry.
Work together to save up Credits to unlock new Vehicles and Weapons.
Fast paced vehicle combat for 1-4 players with up to 12 computer opponents and 1 Boss. Co-Op and FFA modes available.

Cars with Guns: Its about Time - TRAILER

About Cars with Guns









Vehicle Physics System

The vehicle Physics system used is similar to what you would find in a GTA type game. Realism thrown out in favor of entertainment.

  • Different vehicles are configured for front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, and All-Wheel-Drive.
  • Realistic tire traction allows for tire burnout, sliding, and drifting!
  • Unrealistic ability to roll or flip your car at will with the D-Pad. Good for righting yourself or doing stunts.
  • Vehicles can expend a bit of their score to “Jump” with a press of the Left Stick.

As you play the game, earn credits that can be spent on building cars, weapons, and upgrades for your garage!

Find hidden blue-prints throughout the different worlds to discover new powerful weapons that can be purchased!

Unlock System

Vehicle Damage

Vehicles can be damaged by colliding with other vehicles, objects, or projectiles!

Shred your enemies into pieces while hunting them down with your weaponry!

The combat system is based on real physics!

Kinetic energy from weapons transfers to vehicles causing them to blow back, flip over, or even come apart!

Projectiles ark and drop depending on their weight and the velocities applied to them!

Fight against crazy AI opponents or form teams with them against fellow players!

Combat System


Split-Screen allows for up to four players to join the game on the same computer!

No internet connection is required!

Players work together to fight, unlock and build new vehicles and equipment!


Players start the game right in their own garage!

All settings are selected with real-time panels such as game mode, level, time per match, as well as vehicle and weapons purchases.

New players may drop in and out with one button press of their controller!

Garage Based Menu

Pickups System

Every car can carry one “Pickup” and press select to use it at any time.
Pickups are spawned by color-coded vortexes in the arena.
Running over a box picks it up, or uses it if you’re already carrying a pickup.
Green vortexes spawn Repair Pickups for example.
Other than repair there are also Shield, Turbo, Mega Boost, Airstrike, Zero G and AoE Stun nodes.
More are sure to be added.



Cost: 10000 Credits
HP: 17000
Year of origin: circa 2000 A.D.
People might laugh at you for driving a Shrimp, saying you’ll get run over by a truck.
Jokes on them though because the shrimp has a 5 star safety rating and a race car style frame. You’ll just bounce off like a hamster-ball rolling down a staircase. As long as you’re wearing your seat belt you’ll be fine.
If MPG was a stat this would be the best car.


Cost: 15000 Credits
HP: 20000
Year of origin: 1969 A.D.
The 69′ Stallion is one of the cars you can afford at the very start of the game.
It’s not terribly fast, but it’s mass and size makes it great for ramming people.
The same attributes that make it a good battering ram make it bad for stunts.
The Rear Wheel Drive makes it decent at drifting.

Dune Buggy

Cost: 60000 Credits
HP: 18000
Year of origin: 1938 A.D.
The Dune Buggy might drive and sound a little bit like a sewing machine, but it gets from point A to B without getting high centered. Because of it’s size it’s great for stunts.


Cost: 80000 Credits
HP: 22000
Year of origin: 1959 A.D.
Is it a car or is it a space ship? Who knows. One thing’s for sure, it drives like a boat.
It’s weight and HP make it good for ramming stuff, but it’s length makes it bad for stunts.
The ancient technology used in the suspension make it better off-road than it’s predecessors.
Also noteworthy: Mounting weapons on the roof of a convertible is tricky.


Cost: 100,000 Credits
HP: 18000
Year of origin: circa 1990 A.D.
If being too small and fast to hit is part of your strategy, the Swift might be the car for you.
This nimble little car is great for stunts, but it’s not the most durable.
It’s also the only Front Wheel Drive car currently in the lineup.
It’s so low to the ground it puts you in a great position to bring roof mounted weapons to bear.


Cost: 180,000 Credits
HP: 19000
Year of origin: 2009 A.D.
If you’re looking for the most bang for your buck this is it. The Masamune might just be a sedan, but underneath the innocent exterior is a lightweight AWD beast waiting to tear up the pavement.
However, the AWD means it’s not great for drifting, and the low weight makes it worse for ramming.


Cost: 300,000 Credits
HP: 22000
Year of origin: 2016 A.D.
The Hornet is one beautiful car. It’s fast too. The MR drivetrain makes it great for drifting and going fast in a straight line, but it’s not as controllable as an AWD.
It’s a bit shorter than most cars, making front and back flips a little easier.


Cost: 500,000 Credits
HP: 24000
Year of origin: 2017 A.D.
Have a bunch of oil money burning a hole in your packet? Then the Wolf is the Supercar for you. It’s twin-turbo flat 6 will get you from point A to B in a hurry, and only requires 1 gallon of fossil fuel for every 11 miles traveled.
It does flips really well, but it’s made out of mostly carbon fiber so it doesn’t make a good battering ram.


Cost: 800,000 Credits
HP: 26000
Year of origin: 2017 A.D.
The Vendetta is the car of everyone’s dreams. Stylish, Fast, AWD. Plus it doesn’t have that cheap plastic feel, making it quite heavy as a battering ram.
It’s only con is it’s so low to the ground you will bottom out. But hey, that’s why there’s a lifted suspension version.
Is it better enough than the other cars to justify it’s price? Probably not.

Lift Kit Vendetta

Cost: 1,000,000 Credits
HP: 26000
Year of origin: 2017 A.D.
Want a Sports car with the convenience of not bottoming out every 5 minutes?
For a mere 200,000 Credits above retail value to can get a Lifted Vendetta.
Not quite as lifted as an SUV, and not quite as slow or durable.
The perfect balance? Maybe.


Cost: 100,000 Credits
HP: 28000
Year of origin: 2005 A.D.
The Hinterland is a great truck for running over mother nature’s gifts. The brush-guard is scientifically designed to make whatever is in your way get out of your way.
It’s not terribly fast, it’s prone to tipping over, and it’s so tall most guns on the roof shoot right over other cars, but not much can stand in it’s way.


Cost: 200,000 Credits
HP: 30000
Year of origin: 2012 A.D.
The Moose has a lot in common with the Hinterland, except that it has a wider wheelbase which makes it a bit more stable.
I wouldn’t plan on doing much drifting or stunts with it, but chances are you won’t get stuck.
Also great for camping!


Cost: 300,000 Credits
HP: 32000
Year of origin: 2017 A.D.
Originally designed for the military, the Hercules is one strong vehicle.
It does tip over now and then but it can take it.
The AWD means you probably won’t get stuck, and the weight makes it great for running over other cars.
The only downside of driving such a monster is it’s a big lumbering target.
I’d also imagine the gas mileage is terrible.

School Bus

Cost: 1,200,000 Credits
HP: 60000
Year of origin: 2002 A.D.
The original purpose of this vehicle has been lost to time, but we have a guess as to what it was used for based on through scientific testing: running things over. You might be the biggest target in the arena, and you might not be able to see where you’re going, but if anything happens to get in front of you it’s in deep trouble. Slap a Snowplow on the front for added effect.
Not recommended for stunts or drifting… or aiming.


Rapidly fires bullets at aim-point. Can be aimed up and down.  Has lasers to assist in targeting. Works at long range, but gets harder to hit the further out the target is due to it’s spread.

Mount Point: Side


Shoots a stream of flames. Flames stay around for quite awhile damaging anyone who drives through them.

Mount Point: Front

Laser Turret

Fires a powerful laser at aim-point. Can be aimed up and down. Being a laser it can hit something at almost any range almost instantly. Somewhat hard to aim from the roof of a moving vehicle.

Mount Point: Roof

Salmon Cannon

Air cannons that launch 3 salmon in a spread pattern. The weight of the Salmon cause the victim to spin when hit. Hitting someone with a salmon awards more points than hitting them with a bullet, but does less damage. Salmon tend to bounce off the ground well making this a long ranged weapon.

Mount Point: Roof


Launches a kinetic strike at terribly destructive velocities. Can be aimed up and down. Can be used at long range but difficult.

Mount Point: Side

Grenade Launchers

Launches a burst of 6 arcing grenades that go various distances.  Time delayed allowing them to land and bounce around a bit before detonating. Great for taking out slow moving targets, bad on the move.

Mount Point: Rear

Seeker Missles

Fires a seeking missile at targeted opponent. Missiles will generally hit an unobstructed target either directly or with the AoE blast, but they can be dodged if the target is moving or goes behind something.

Mount Point: Rear

Missile Rack

Launches a powerful rocket straight ahead.  Can be aimed up and down. Bonus damage for direct hit with any missiles. AoE still does heavy damage and blows vehicles back.

Mount Point: Roof

Beesnest Missiles

Easy mode engaged. Launches a powerful swarm of seeking missiles at targeted opponent.  Powerful but rapidly burns through missiles and probably burns up your CPU too.

Mount Point: Roof

Mine Rack

Deploy mines behind your vehicle.  Booby-trap pathways, ammo spawns, or use as a counter weapon to those chasing you!

Mount Point: Rear

Snow Plow

The snow plow can be used as a shield against bullets and other projectiles, absorbing damage coming from in front of you. Doesn’t work well for blocking missiles.
It also doubles as a ramming weapon, increasing melee damage.

Mount Point: Front

Tesla Coils

Tesla Coils emit lightning bolts of electricity which deal damage at short range and cause the victim’s vehicle to go haywire and begin turning and accelerating/decelerating wildly for a few seconds.


Blasters shoot balls of plasma in rapid succession. They travel slower than a bullet but deal more damage.

“Classic Mode” – Most points in X minutes wins

Points are gained for damaging, blowing parts off of, and destroying enemy vehicles, jumps, flips, barrel rolls, drifting, two wheeling, defeating bosses, blowing holes in the ground with a missile, destroying the environment.

Gaining Credits
Whoever has the most points when the chosen time runs out wins.
Points are turned directly into Credits to spend unlocking cars. First place gets 100% of their score turned into points, 2nd place 90%, 3rd place 80% and so on.

Classic mode can be played on Free For All or Team Battle.
In Team Battle all 4 players can be on their own team if they wish but AI’s only have 2 possible teams since most maps have a 2 team layout.


Possible Future Game Mode: “Race Mode”

Race mode is a fairly obvious, all players and AI’s start at the starting line and race around a track picking up various pickups and destroying each other until someone crosses the finish line.

We have basic functionality for this mode, but the AI needs work to be any kind of challenge to a decent player.


Possible Future Game Mode: “Run N’ Gun”

Run N’ Gun is an idea for a game mode that may or may not ever happen. This game mode would involve a track the players go around with AI vehicles constantly spawning in front of or behind the player and pursuing them as they pass checkpoints.
The goal would be to destroy as many AI enemies as you can in the time limit or number of laps is reached.


Possible Future Game Mode: “Raid Mode”

Raid mode is an idea for a game mode that may or may not ever happen.
In this game mode the players would start together on the same team and battle their way through a dungeon crawler style level with AI enemies and enemy turrets. The end of the level is a Boss Fight that the players have to work together to defeat.

Where can I get Cars with Guns?

Purchase a copy on Steam for $9.99

Get it on Itch.io for $10.00+

Get it on Gamejolt for $10.00+

No Paid DLCs system:
We are trying to be a fair and respectable company.
We will never charge $5 to unlock a new car or level.
Cars with Guns will never have paid DLCs. Instead, if the game is worth more than 15$ to you, you can donate towards the development of content that will be available to everyone.
Some of the profit from sales will also be put back into improving the game until it’s deemed complete.

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