Cars with Guns Changelog


Dec 2017 –

v0.1.1 Released on Steam

Pressing “Enter Vehicle” button when looking at a weapon glitches entering the vehicle out fixed

Camera being way to close to school bus fixed

Lighting/reflection improvements, cars much shinier.

Save system changed from PlayerPrefs to .save file in My Games folder.


Nov 2017 – (Early Access Release)

Lighting baked onto Garage and Prehistoric Arena for performance.

Prehistoric Arena Rocks redone to allow lightmapping

Lots of Optimization.

Leaderboard reworked

FFA Spawns randomized across the map instead of being on one side or another.

Box Art made

v0.1.0 Released on GameJolt and

Lighting redone for Garage and Prehistoric Arena

Garage clutter added for people to run over

Multiplayer working for 1-4 players

Master Volume and Music Volume option added to menu

Look sensitivity option added to menu

Cow Level mostly done with 3d grass that gets pushed down when things drive on it (Level originally called: “Melt my computer”)

Toggle Headlights by double tapping “A” added

Help menu with controller layout added

Weapon sound effects overhauled

LOD system implemented

Graphics settings menu mostly finished

Volumetric lighting system

Armored personnel carrier BOSS

Damage output and Vehicle Health balanced.

Credits to unlock cars and weapons balanced

FFA and Team Battle mode finished.

Garage mostly done

Background music added

Website created

Max AI count increased from 8 max to 12


Oct 2017 – (Still in Development)

Extremely basic cloud platforms map done

Credits system to unlock new vehicles and weapons

Digital camo wrap done for Vendetta

Paint color can be changed on all vehicles

Parking spots to spawn cars

Blueprint weapon unlock system

4×4 Suspension system

Vehicle/Weapon Panel system

Pickups system

ReWired controller system integrated for broad controller support

Prehistoric Arena mostly done

Foliage system with moving and interactive foliage added

Snowplow, Railguns, Beesnest Missiles, Grenade Launcher, Bombard added


Sept 2017 – (Super Early Development)

Missiles deform terrain

Terrain Tessellation

Minigun, Missiles, Seeker Missiles, Laser Cannon, Flamethrower added

Direction change – Travel to different time zones from a central hub with a time machine

Direction change – Strap weapons to ordinary cars and blow each other up

Fully destroyable environment system (physics sleep for inactive bodies system)

Idea to start in the player’s garage and have everything handled from there instead of having a main menu

Vehicle movement and damage system basics

August 2017 –

Concept conceived as a doable project for a 2 man team. Development began under working title: “Stupor Realistic Vehicle Simulator”.
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